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Dakinee's Thoughts

We create an environment where people

can say they love what they love through dance!

Appreciate the culture we love!
Showing our backs to young people who want to work abroad!

Above all, we want to tell people : 

No need any conditions to think

"I want to do something!”

“I want to be this way! “

We dance today with gratitude,

connecting with people who support such thoughts...

In the human past, dance was born as a way to

let go of conflict and to connect people with each other.

Dance creates a space where people can recognize each other.


Therefore, through dance, we want to connect with people who love each other, cooperate with each other, create a new world, and increase peace as much as possible.

The six members, headed by leader YULI, will continue to lead the dance and TikTok industries with their more than 1.4 million passionate fans around the world.

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